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FİZYOFORM | Fitness Center

FizyoForm Fitness Center offers Pilates, Manual Therapy, Fitness, Classical and clinical massage, Sauna, Vitamin Bar, exercise therapy in Obesity, group therapies and special rehabilitation techniques for neurological patients such as MS, Hemiplegia, Parkinson’s etc.

FizyoForm Fitness Center was founded by Physiotherapist K. Zafer AKSUNGUR, and operates as a meeting point and course center for physiotherapists.

Fizyoform Fitness Center started to offer services in January 2010 with the concept of Boutique Gym, based on the slogan “Sports special for you”. As Fizyoform, we have made the physical, temporal and environmental dissemination of sports as our mission.

For this, we brought together our Physiotherapist Trainer, Coach, Masseur/Masseuse, Administrative and Support staff under a professional roof. In a short time, we filled more than half of our capacity.


Fitness Center

If we haven’t met you yet, we would be happy to welcome you at our center and give you detailed information about our services.