It includes manipulation, mobilization techniques and also relaxation and mobilization techniques applied for soft tissues, namely muscle and fascia, applied by our physiotherapists without the assistance of a device. It is a physiotherapy method applied only by hand without using any device or machine.

It is applied for orthopedic disorders such as spine and joints, especially musculoskeletal disorders. Fibromyalgia, neck hernia, herniated disc, back/neck pain etc. can be exemplified.

In the first session, we expect an improvement of 30-40% in people who are suitable for manual therapy. Our success rate is 92% if the exercises and recommendations given by the physiotherapists are followed correctly, taking into account the warnings given during the treatment.

If the patient is suitable for manual therapy treatment, you will benefit greatly and you will reach a comfort level in your life quality when compared to before.

It may continue to appear on MRI. Its appearance does not mean that your tangible and active pain will continue.

Treatment will provide a high rate of improvement. If you pay attention to the advice and exercise programs given to you after the treatment and your habits in your social life, the treatment will give more effective results.

We need to check your eligibility for manual therapy. Mostly, we can detect different underlying disorders in our clinical experience.

We do not take any action if you are not deemed suitable for manual therapy. Whatever treatment method is most suitable for you, we provide you with advice and support by our doctor.

Manual therapy will greatly improve your discomfort at the end of the first session. But treatment does not give results in just 1 session. The most accurate session planning will be done by our experts in our center.

The number of sessions and the treatment program are planned by Mr. Zafer according to patient specific disease completely. After the first session, there will be a relief of 30-40%, but a single session is never enough. It should definitely be supported by an exercise program, very few patients can recover in a single session. The length of treatment can be determined by your physiotherapist or Mr. Zafer after consulting with you.

If you wish, let’s have a free preliminary interview,
at the end of this interview, if our team observes that you should be 100% operated, we can provide you with the necessary guidance, without taking any action and by getting support from our main branch doctor if necessary. Neurosurgeon in our central branch, we can arrange an online meeting with Surgeon İlker Yassa.

Manual therapy does not require medication.

Reformer pilates includes exercise instruments invented by Joseph Pilates, such as Reformer or Cadillac etc. It is an extremely safe and effective exercise when performed with physiotherapists.
It has various springs and apparatus in his mechanism and this pilates are done with resistance and body power of the person. The aim is to shape the body and strengthen the muscles of the person by having a healthy spine.

This is entirely up to your choice. Mat pilates is an exercise against gravity on a mat without any instrument. In general, we prefer Reformer instead of mat pilates for people with low back and neck problems.

Guidance can be made by the physiotherapist as 2 or 3 times a week, depending on the condition and needs of the person.

It should be informed that there are physiotherapists in our center, that you are definitely examined and the program is given according to your condition. A preliminary meeting with the physiotherapist can be arranged by inviting you to the center.

It is informed that it can be decided whether the person is suitable for the Reformer by inviting the person to the Center and having his/her meet with the physiotherapist.

Our programs are given in the form of customized exercises. You can work individually with the specialist. It would be healthier if you could come to our center and discuss the issue of region specific work-out in detail. As the body is considered as a whole, our physiotherapists may find it more appropriate not to give movements for only one region.

We don’t make group classes too crowded, so our physiotherapists can guide everyone one-on-one.
They have already evaluated everyone before the lesson.

It takes an average of 50 minutes.

Tools and instruments are available in the institution, and comfortable exercise clothes in tracksuit style should be preferred.


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