Fizyoform Academy was established by Zafer Aksungur in 2019 with the aim of organizing postgraduate trainings for physiotherapists working in Turkey and abroad and for physiotherapists to learn current approaches in international standards. It includes Manual therapy, Clinical Pilates and exercise approaches, and Reformer Pilates training programs. These training programs continue in cooperation with internationally recognized organizations such as Ifompt, Hands On Seminars, Apta. It continues its training programs with 4 trainers under the leadership of Zafer Aksungur, an international trainer of trainers.


Our academy trainers entitled to become a trainer in our academy following 3 years of professional experience and trainer assistantship by passing written and oral exams after receiving all of their training.

Until today, Fizyoform Academy has trained over 400 manual therapists and over 1000 Clinical pilates instructors and physiotherapists. These physiotherapists have become industry leading physiotherapists after in the sector. As Fizyoform Academy, our goal is to continue training at international standards in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, to train physiotherapists who are beneficial to human and public health and work in accordance with professional and ethical principles.