Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a form of physical therapy applied only by hand, without using any device or machine.

What is Manual Therapy?

The usual flow of daily life sometimes causes us to strain our body too much, and this situation creates the need for Manual Therapy. While some of the individuals work in jobs that require excessive use of their body, some individuals work in jobs that lead to a sedentary life style. In fact, both conditions cause pain in certain areas of the body. Of course, the only cause of pain in the body is not wrong movements or a sedentary life. Apart from the aforementioned reasons, advanced age is also a major factor in body pain. Chronic pain significantly affects the quality of life and functional status of people. Therefore, when treatment planning is made for low back and neck pain, the main goal is to maximize the quality of life and functional status of individuals. One of the most effective conservative treatment methods for low back and neck pain is manual therapy.

Manual therapy method is in the group of conservative treatment methods among physical therapy methods. This treatment approach is one of the commonly used treatment methods today to reduce pain with exercise applications, evaluate muscle strength, and improve both the quality of life and functional status of individuals with chronic pain by determining the joint range of motion. It is a form of physical therapy applied manually without using any device or machine. During treatment in manual therapy, manual application is done without using any electrotherapy agents to manipulate joints in the area and reduce spasms in muscle tissue in order to reduce pain caused by muscle spasm, muscle strain and joint dysfunction. However, it is a therapy application where you can feel the effects after the first session and the speed of recovery is high. Complaints such as pain and spasm begin to decrease after the first manual therapy treatment and the person begins to regain the lost functions over time.

Manual Therapy in Fizyoform

In order to determine the factors affecting the quality of life and functional status of individuals, it is necessary to carefully collect the physical examination data, analyze the results of the examination, psychological and socioeconomic factors carefully, and start the treatment method in this direction. Although manual treatment may seem like a simple process, it is quite effective, but it carries the risk of undesirable effects in the body when it is not applied by specialists with the right techniques. Fizyoform staff, who are experts in their field, well trained and experienced in manual therapy, provide the highest quality service in this field. Having problems in areas such as muscle, bone, joint and connective tissue is among the common problems of many people, and it is everyone’s right to get rid of these problems with the manual therapy technique.

To Whom Manual Therapy May Be Applied?

Manual Therapy name has emerged in recent years. However, the application of this therapy has been in our lives for centuries.

Manual therapy can be helpful in treating people with joint disorders that do not have adequate mobility and range of motion in the musculoskeletal structure. These disorders can cause pain and changes in function, posture and movement in the person. Manual therapy can provide relief to people in the treatment of joint problems such as sacroiliac joint dysfunction, chronic low back pain, acute back pain caused by soft tissue injuries.


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