Our Founder

Specialist Physiotherapist K. Zafer AKSUNGUR

Specialist Physiotherapist Zafer Aksungur completed his undergraduate education with many academic achievement awards during his studentship at Abant İzzet Baysal University SBF – FTR (2000 – 2005). In addition, he was awarded national awards for his work with the mentally disabled persons in his field. He has been actively treating orthopedic manual therapy patients since 2006.

He completed his manual therapy training at the Hands on Seminars (New York/USA) special training center between 2010 and 2016, and gave many trainings in this institution both in Turkey and abroad. Since 2015, he has been working as a trainer in internationally recognized manual therapy courses.


In 2020, together with his mentor Ezdeşir Kemali, he prepared a training called “Instability Evaluation and Treatment Methods in the Spine” consisting of 2 modules.

In 2021, he created his own concept “Spine Approach” training for physiotherapists. This training is a program for Orthopedic Pathologies of the Spine and has gathered the most effective, scientifically proven and applicable techniques learned and applied to date under one roof. This is not a concept course but a methods course. However, Dr. Physiotherapist Zafer Aksungur aims to provide each physiotherapist with a unique perspective and to teach a holistic approach in the treatment of patients in these trainings consisting of seven modules and seventeen days.

He still continues his academic career as SBF Education Consultant in Istinye University.

He made his first Tedx Talk on May 14, 2022 as a guest of TEDx Gündoğdu.

TV program “Posture with Zafer Aksungur” started broadcasting on TV 100 on May 23, 2022.

He continues to actively treat and work under the roof of Fizyoform, which he founded in 2009, and today provides services with more than 20 branches and nearly 100 physiotherapists.