Especially with the age of technology, the increase in the use of tablets and computers, insufficient physical activity, recent global events, etc. causes develop bad posture habits in children and threaten the health of future generations.

The purpose of the examinations and exercise programs planned specifically for children between the ages of 4-12 with the Fizyokids project is to protect the physical health of children, to inform families about possible or occurring postural disorders, and to create exercise programs for precautionary purposes.


Health professionals who are planned to take part in the Fizyokids project;

• Physiotherapists • Doctors • Trainers • Dietitians • Psychologists

The physical health status of children will be analyzed and risk maps will be prepared, and appropriate treatment or exercise program will be planned by applying specially designed examination methods with evaluation offices established in contracted schools and hospitals.

You can contact us via to get more information about the Fizyokids project and to include it in your institution.