01 ) To protect human dignity first of all, regardless of religion, language, race, nationality, citizenship, gender and social class, to respect people’s social and legal rights, personalities, privacy and self-respects under all circumstances, to act in accordance with the privacy rights of employees and members and to ensure their safety.

02 ) To work in a team spirit with friendly, successful, self-developing, happy and committed professionals, to support and encourage employees so that they can acquire and develop these qualities.


03 ) To make effort for continuous improvement as the institution and the individuals forming the institution, to measure and evaluate the work we do, to be open to criticism and innovation in order to achieve better, to make a difference, to make the development continuous and sustainable, to support and encourage efforts in this direction.


04 ) By fulfilling the requirements of the slogan “Special Sports for You”, to direct our members with scientific narrative and explanations so as to eliminate their concerns, to ensure that they carry out their programs with the principles of proper nutrition and correct exercise, that they enjoy sports and that they are happy to be in this institution, to develop a sense of commitment to the institution by being interested and supportive to them.


05 ) To provide our services with a customer and health-oriented approach, in a way that will reflect holistic quality and ensure the continuity of our reputation and trust, in an honest, clean, accurate, timely, smooth, jocundly, sincere, positive, professional understanding, in an elite environment and by complying with ethical rules.

Fitness Center

If we haven’t met you yet, we would be happy to welcome you at our center and give you detailed information about our services.